The Hammer Dulcimer

Maggie and her Hammer Dulcimer

What Is a Hammer Dulcimer?


      The hammer dulcimer is a musical instrument consisting of a trapezoid wooden box with strings stretched over bridges sitting atop the soundboard. It's enchanting sound is made by hitting the strings with small wooden hammers. There's some debate about the hammered dulcimer's background, but it's believed by many to have originated in ancient Persia some 2,000 years ago. Variations can be found all over the world, but the instrument as we know it in America developed primarily in the British Isles. The hammer dulcimer is capable of a range of tones from a sort of music-box sound to powerful and percussive piano-like effects which can stand out in any band.


Kiley and David's wedding photo

Music for Weddings


      Maggie considers each wedding a deeply personal expression of a couple's love and commitment. She gladly entertains requests for that "special" song and meets with clients ahead of time to discuss their musical preferences. Maggie is honored to be part of such a special event and wants to make YOU happy on your big day!



      Thank you so much for playing your hammer dulcimer on our wedding day in the Forest Preserve. Your enchanting music was the perfect sound for our outdoor ceremony!

Kiley and David

Music on the porch

The Peddler and the Rambler


      Maggie's hammer dulcimer playing is ideal for local events, programs, banquets and receptions. She often joins her neighbor Neal Lamm, who inspired Maggie to learn to play this distinctive instrument. Together they are known as the Peddler and the Rambler. Maggie also works with other talented musicians and can add guitar, violin, or other accompaniments, if desired. Call or e-mail for more information.
Jim Worland, luthier

Worland Guitars


      Maggie's brother, Jim Worland, a luthier in Rockford, IL, built her hammer dulcimer a few years ago. Here he is shown with the beginnings of a customer's guitar. For more information, visit